Who We Are:

Citizens for Coal is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping maintain the vitality and productivity of the coal industry in West Virginia. Our organization consists of any member of the community that is involved directly or indirectly with the coal industry and understands it’s importance within our state’s economy.

What We Do:

Citizens for Coal is dedicated to promoting awareness and education of the importance of the coal industry for the continued growth and development of our state. As a group, we express our thoughts and concerns to law makers both at home and in our country’s capital whose decisions will have long-lasting impacts on our livelihoods. We foster a ‘we can’ mentality that reminds us all that together we can make a difference. We understand that coal can and should be mined using the most efficient and safe technologies to date. We take pride in the fact that as workers, we are well trained and skilled at our trades.

How You Can Help:

Right now may be one of the most important times to become involved!

There are laws being written right now that have a negative impact on the coal industry; thus directly impacting jobs and our community as a whole.

We want to keep working! We believe the more voices we have, the more we will be heard!

Please consider joining Citizens for Coal.

As a member, you will be kept well informed of the latest information pertaining to both local and national laws/regulations relating to the coal industry. As a team, we will continue to promote the coal industry as a safe and necessary industry on which this state relies. Your help allows us to help you and countless others that benefit from Coal.

Our Goal:

With your help, Citizens for Coal will continue to help West Virginia benefit from the positive economic impact the coal industry provides.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact me with any questions, concerns or new ideas.



Roger D. Horton, Founder

Citizens for Coal

Citizens for Coal is a grassroots organization comprised of people from all walks of life who share one common belief — that coal mining is a vital part of the economy of the Appalachia region and must be protected from radicals who are trying to destroy the industry, take away the livelihoods of thousands of families and bankrupt entire communities.

United Mine Workers of America member and coal miner Roger Horton is the president and founder of Citizens for Coal. 

“Mining provides the people of our region with good quality, dependable jobs today — jobs that allow you to take care of your family and make a good living — and it can provide the foundation for a new future for our people tomorrow.

“With proper planning and coordination, surface mining can provide the developable land we so desperately need across the region if we are to build a sustainable economy for our children and grandchildren.

“Far from the destructive industry portrayed by so many in the media and our radical anti-coal opponents, surface mining is out ticket to the future. On this land we can build factories, schools, shopping centers, residential areas, parks, hospitals and even provide land for entire towns to move out of dangerous floodplains across Appalachia.  This isn’t a pipe dream for sometime in the distant future. These things are happening today all across the region.”  Roger Horton

If you would like to join Citizens for Coal, download our membership application Citizens for Coal Membership application form, fill it out and send it to the address on the form along with your first year’s dues. For more information contact Roger Horton, president, at onearmrider@yahoo.com.