Ken Ward and the Charleston Gazette as well as other lapdogs of the Obama Administration have spent the past year claiming “there is no war on coal.” I have seen this comment from Ward and the editorial writers of the Charleston Gazette — along with their friends in the radical anti-coal groups — it seemed that they would do anything and make any claim in order to defend their little tin god Obama.
This week, however, comments by Obama himself and his “climate advisor” Daniel Schrag gave the lie to Ward’s and the Gazette’s propaganda.
Schrag himself said, “Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they’re having a war on coal. On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.” 
Let me say bluntly, there IS a war on coal. I have seen it and lived it every day for the past five years. Over the past year West Virginia has lost more than 3500 direct coal mining jobs and approximately 10,000 more indirect jobs. Using the average wage of coal mining and coal support jobs as the standard, that means that our state has lost an estimated $924 MILLION in wages — that’s right, almost $1 BILLION ripped from the economy in just the past year. 
Now you can make the claim — as some do – that there are other factors that have hurt coal, and, yes, that is true, but the bottom line is that the Obama administration has single-handedly made it nearly impossible to get a permit to mine coal, forced the closure of hundreds of coal-fired power plants as well as now setting the stage for the closure of hundreds more over the next few years, and now they are trying to make it impossible to export our coal to countries who DO understand the value of cheap, affordable energy. 
Obama, Schrag and others are determined to destroy the coal industry and have been since Obama took office in January 2009. 
Even before the election, Obama said plainly and simply that he would put in place regulations that would “bankrupt” anyone wanting to build a coal-fired power plant, and that is one promise he has kept. 
So Mr. Ward and all you folks at the Charleston Gazette, perhaps now when you see the Obama Administration’s declaration of war on coal jobs and on the 63,000 coal mining families, and it is clear that your claims were either lies or ignorance of the worst kind, you might want to consider a new line of work — perhaps jobs as public relations hacks for the Obama Administration — as you clearly aren’t quality journalists and don’t care one whit about the people of West Virginia. 
I am hereby calling on the people of West Virginia to boycott the Charleston Gazette. I am calling on the people of West Virginia to stand with our coal mining families and defend coal jobs from this disgusting and heartless attack on people who only want to work. And I am calling on the people of West Virginia to join together and demand our politicians both here in West Virginia and in Washington, DC stand up and be counted. 
This is a fight we can’t afford to lose. This is a fight that goes beyond ANY issues we face today and will require everyone to work together — harder than we have in the past — because if we lose our coal jobs NO ONE will have retirement or health benefits of any kind. It’s that simple.