Recently we have begun seeing attacks on people and organizations by individuals who somehow feel the need to try to split up our effort to defend coal and coal jobs. They want to draw lines between labor and management, between union and non-union, between people who tie their shoes left shoe first and those who tie right shoe first. Anything to split up our groups and weaken us. 

Let’s be clear, if the environmentalists get their way, there won’t be any coal being mined and if that happens there will be no coal jobs and no benefits or retirement for ANYONE. How much more clear can that be? 

We simply don’t care if you are labor or management, union or non-union, black, white, or purple… we ONLY care that you support coal and coal jobs. 

Our group along with Friends of Coal and other groups have fought this fight for four years. Most of the people complaining were no where to be seen.  They were apparently too busy to climb on a bus and go to DC to protest Obama. They apparently had better things to do than walk through the mountains of southern West Virginia trying to let the enviro-radicals know they weren’t wanted and defend coal mines from their assault. They were apparently gone fishing when we were working to raise money this past Christmas to help laid off coal miners pay their bills and have some semblance of a holiday for their families. 

So pardon us if we are too busy to give a big crap about what you think. 

Citizens for Coal